Home Handyperson: Repairing my Inflatable Pool(s)

Oh my goodness. Here we are yet again with a post about our 'pool situation'. Every year it starts to warm up and we think about cooling off in a pool. I drag out last year's giant plastic contraption, un-stick all the folds, grimace at the mildew and caked on leaves on the bottom then start to pump - hoping there isn't a puncture. Well it seems these pools are in fact designed to be disposable ... despite their hefty price tag.

In the five years that we have lived here we have bought at least five inflatable pools. It sickens me to throw them away. It's not recyclable plastic which means it will be burnt at the refuse station. How bad is that for the environment? BAD.

Last year, I asked the family to chip in for a huge inflatable pool. It is a real beauty, except, when I was emptying it, it snagged on a small bush and ripped. I've tried a self-adhesive repair patch; electrical tape and duct tape to seal the hole - to no avail. On the weekend faced with very high temperatures I bought two more of these silly pools. I chose two small ones since they were cheaper and I thought they might be easier to empty. So far so good. Except, one of them has tiny valves and it took almost an hour to pump up!

I had our pool from two years ago waiting to be taken to the waste station. I decided to make one last attempt at repairing it. I used the strong glue and patches that came with one of the five or six pools we've had in the past. Success at last! The key is to make the area is clean and dry. Then once you have applied the patch leave it to set/dry for several hours before inflating the pool fully. Also Noodle says the instructions (in Japanese) say to not pump to the point of bursting, otherwise it will puncture easily.

Now we have three little to mid-sized pools and I have every hope that I will be able to repair "Big Daddy" with this method. How awesome is Little Guy's Pool party going to be?

Next year, I would just love to get one of these: Easy Set Pool


  1. I bet your boys certainly appreciate your efforts when it is that hot and humid! (*o*)/ Wouldn't an inground pool be lovely! Have you ever heard of anyone in Japan actually having one of those?

  2. that easy set pool looks great!
    We just bought a pool but it has walls rather than inflatable, we have only used it once but it was just a matter of opening it and filling with water. It is diameter 5foot and was about ¥2500 which seemed reasonable to me.


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