In Seventh Heaven

I'm having a totally awesome day! How about you? Mine started with an early morning drive in THE NEW CAR. Mr. Mee a Bee had to go away for a few days. After dropping him off I got the A-OK to use the car for the rest of the week. Scary! It's hard to see out of the rear windscreen so for reversing it has a camera which shows up on the TV screen. (Yes, that's right). Did I nearly hit the fence? No, but I did have to get out of the car to see how close (or actually far away) I was. Practice makes perfect, right?

I had a lovely morning with my Chatty Cafe ladies. They are so fantastic. It's really not like work at all. I love them. We had yummy scrummy coffee cake.

The doorbell has rung twice. Two really exciting packages arrived. One is Little Guy's birthday present (thank you Auntie S!!) and the other is my new cookie punch. The square one.

I was already in my craft room punching the circular ones and on my computer making these bag labels. It was perfect timing!

These packages (pictured) will go out with each bag I sell. I normally send stickers, which are nice, but as you know I am all about fun crafts with the kids. Especially Little Guy just loves anything that involves glue and little tea parties.

The packaging is still a work in progress.

OK, must dash. The awesome day is not over. I have a parent teacher conference in twenty minutes at the kindergarten! Zoom Zoom.

**EDIT" Little Guy's report from his teacher was excellent. Not one bad word to say. He's well-behaved, always one of the first to sit back down when it's time. He's super-friendly and has made an impression on most of the other teachers too. He's learned a lot. At the start he was one of only two new kids so there was a lot he didn't know - to do with routines. His teacher told me he seldom needs to ask now and is just as good as the other kids at doing things. I was so happy!


  1. Hi! I'm so glad I found my way to your blog. I've enjoyed looking at what you have made. I wish I were living in Japan - or atleast on holiday there...then I could buy up entire collections of craft magazines and buy the cutest of cutest fabrics for my kids :) Enjoy driving the new car and I'll be back to read more :)

  2. Thank you so much Monica! I am always so happy to read new comments. You should try to come to Japan at least once in your lifetime. It is FUN!
    Craft magazines are my big downfall too but these days I am much better at just looking not buying.

    I think I will be happy to get back into my own car from Monday - less fear of scratching it!!


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