Loving this 'cool' weather

I'm starting to feel truly lucky as The Weather Gods spare us from unbearable heat. The cover of cloud helps immensely and every so often we catch a cool breeze. How much longer will it last? I don't want to jinx it!

Friday we had our final Chatty Cafe for the term. My boys treated the ladies to a small musical performance. Little Guy can play two tunes on his piano-harmonica and Noodle can play a few things on his recorder. These instruments are compulsory as part of the school curriculum. (not sure how much of a treat it was, but the ladies are very good sports).

Friday afternoon was perfect cycling weather again. Beach then dinner in the convenience store car park and my kids were very very happy. I think we were out for over four hours. 

Do you kids wear rash suits? I got the boys one each from Landsend this year and just love them. They're a very nice fabric: not too thin, not too clingy or sticky to put on, great colours. Check them out next year. They're well worth the price. Noodle's cheaper one from GAP has disintegrated after only one season.

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