Naive Mum and kids who always seem to have money in their wallets

A while ago one of my ladies from Chatty Cafe gave me this large porcelain money box. I love it as it's the shape of an old fashioned Japanese post box. I also love red.

I thought it would be a great idea to save all our 500 yen coins (equal to give or take $5). I usually have a few from Chatty Cafe and I save them for the kids to post in.

Today, with our trip coming up in a few weeks, I decided to open it for the first time. Call me naive but I had absolutely no idea that my KIDS had been into it! It's been taped up, with two different kinds of tape. GRRRR. I don't know if they would have had the gall to actually take any money from it but they will both be interrogated when they get home from school!

In any case, it contained about $500!!!! A god-send as I go over the budget for our trip once again.

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