Night Markets in Japan

Free activities are always fun. While out riding our bikes last week we saw a sign advertising a "Night Bazaar" at the local shopping arcade. Saturday evening Noodle remembered so we went along to see what it was all about.

Apart from being a really hot evening it was so much fun. Noodle spent the entire time rummaging through a box of collector's cards. Five of his friends sauntered by to look as well. He was able to buy three for a dollar I think.

Little Guy wanted candy floss. He fished for a balloon yoyo and looked at every junky plastic toy along the strip. Flashing lights and sirens were popular with his age group.

This photo (borrowed from Yusuf Afghan) is a typical summer sight, lanterns printed with the sponsor's names, local businesses and shops that have contributed to the running costs of the festival.

We left a bit before the finish and before the big BINGO game. Luckily we bumped into our neighbours to pass on our game card. (I wonder if they won anything?) They were a happy sight, all three generations, together for an evening stroll. I've become quite used to this but really it's a rare to see in the modern world.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I love the look of the lanterns all lit up.

  2. oooh I'm loving these night posts you've had! These lanterns are magical looking -- it must have been a great place to explore!

  3. I actually love the fact I can't understand the advertising on the lanterns..they look so much more artistic and intriguing with their beautiful lettering on them that way!

  4. how cool! im going to keep an eye out for night markets in tokyo!

  5. excellent design!
    thanks a lot for sharing with us :)


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