Pluto Tees: Review, giving them ten stars

While hanging out my washing I noticed that both boys had worn their GRRRR t shirts in the past couple of days. You might remember that we won these cool tees last year in the Kid Independent Giveaway. Ellen of Puto Tees was so generous to send me two t shirts, one for each of my boys, even though the prize was for one.

I thought you might like to know how they are holding up? The short answer: PERFECTLY!

They've both been worn and washed dozens of times yet the t shirt doesn't seem to have faded at all, still deep navy blue. The print, which is a kind of puff paint, also remains perfectly intact. I've done nothing special in terms of washing. Cold wash, line dry, the occasional iron (not the print). The sizing, also spot-on. Little Guy is almost five his size 6 still looks great, Noodle is nine and a half, his size 10 is just right.

So I'm giving these t shirts 10 stars for wash & wear durability, value for money, awesome design and all-round coolness. I expect to be able to pass them on to a cousin next year or the year after.

Pluto Tees website: here.
Note: this is not a sponsored post just an honest opinion I wanted to share. Jacqui

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