A rant. not really just sad

It's not often that I use my blog to complain. I really try to make this a positive and upbeat place. I don't like to dwell on problems.

This week two things have made me very sad.

On Wednesday Noodle arranged to meet some of his classmates at the park. They knew it would be hot so they planned to go to one of the boy's homes if they couldn't bear it. I agreed to the plan but asked that Noodle call me when he got to the friend's house. I didn't like the vagueness of that part of the plan and couldn't decide what time I should ask him to be home by (earlier if it was very very hot, later if he was at someone's house I guess).

Noodle came home at four and apologised for not calling me from his friend's house. The boy's mother had refused to let him use the telephone. I am still dumbfounded. Perhaps I am missing something but if a nine year old asked if he might use your phone to check in with his mother would you / could you refuse? I guess you know my answer.

I think this is a sad state of affairs.

Please don't post comments saying that you think nine year old kids need their own mobile phones. I won't accept that and it's not open for debate.

I would think that people around here might show more concern or compassion for children given this heartbreaking story. Yuri Yoshikawa was the same age as Noodle when she disappeared in 2003. She has never been found. This happened in my town.

In other sad news, none of Noodle's friends have been able to look after our Beetle while we are away. The kids were keen but their parents wouldn't agree to it. I guess I can understand this as we will be away for three weeks. Still, it's sad. Mr. Mee a Bee has decided that it would be best if we release the beetle back into the wild. We will take him to our favourite mountain tomorrow.

That's why we don't have pets. I can't handle the heartbreak of losing them.


  1. Wow. Can you ask the other mom why she refused your son the telephone? I would be so livid.....I can totally understand your upsetness!

  2. i let kids use my phone, but i ask them to wash their hands first!!! i wonder why that mom wouldn't let him use the phone..... sad sad sad.

    releasing the bug into the wild is a practical idea. sad but kind.

  3. I really respect your stand on not giving a nine year old a mobile phone.

  4. That's so weird not letting a kid use her own!! If she was worried about who he'd call she could have watched over or at least done it her self! If I was you I'd bring it up with her, maybe a mis-understanding, although I can't see how there could have been!

  5. That is so inconsiderate! I can't understand what kind of reason she might be having for not letting Noodle used her phone :(
    About the beetle, maybe you can check with local insect shops if they can take care of it? We had a Hercules beetle and there is a insect shop in Nakano who could take care of it. Unfortunately the beetle died a week before we left. I understand your sentiment about pets, we really like animals but it's hard when we have to leave them...

  6. That's very odd! I always make sure my son's parents know when the kids come into our house, and if they don't know their phone number I march them home to talk and then back again.
    We only have cell phones but definitely let kids use them when needed!

    I would probably not want my kid to go over there again.

  7. thanks for your thoughts everyone.

  8. I have to agree, that is really quite strange that she wouldn't let him use the phone - or at the very least ring you herself!


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