Saturday Morning Update

It's muggy but windy today. Unfortunately my computer is in a room that gets no wind. I can hear one of the kids rummaging through the junk toy cupboard. The other is pillaging my toolbox in the laundry. Naturally I have had to shriek at them once or twice to stop making a mess.

Apart from that all is well at Mee a Bee HQ on this lovely morning. Mr. Mee a Bee is still away overseas so that means we can all relax somewhat. The kitchen is a little messier than usual. The kids made their own breakfast.

Last night the kids had a mini-sleepover in the lounge. Little Guy really wanted to play with his sleeping bag. It's too hot of course for the sleeping bags but I agreed that it might be fun for them to camp on the floor for a night. We stocked up on popcorn and candy. Little Guy was tired and kept thinking he would go to sleep soon. He won't sleep without brushing his teeth. Yet he couldn't resist another piece of popcorn and another and another. He ended up brushing his teeth four times!

The best thing? Little Guy vacuumed up all the popcorn himself this morning.

This morning I am reading Lynn Russell's journal which I was reminded of by Creature Comforts. I have also popped in to see what Kirsten is up to at klt:works. She has a post about Roald Dahl on her blog. We're huge Roald Dahl fans too. Last Monday I treated the kids to an impromptu after-school story: The Enormous Crocodile. It's quite a long story but we have a picture book version so attention can be held. It's a long-standing favourite of mine ours and I heartily recommend it.

OK, since the sun is out it's laundry time. Back to the grind.

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