Summer Holiday Bike Rides

Yaye for cloudy weather! Monday's rain was disappointing and the typhoon that didn't happen was somewhat annoying but yesterday I was thankful for cloud. I decided to be brave and let Little Guy ride his own bike. I am happy to say I see huge improvements in his awareness of the dangers of the road. He was careful and calm when necessary. He still tends to get distracted by the sights which means he can go off course so he needs a parent behind to remind him to stay on the side of the footpath or road.

Here's a little temple we stumbled upon tucked in behind some shops. There is so much we don't know about our own town.

We were at the bank for about an hour depositing the coins from our piggy bank. It was a slight problem that I had not updated my passbook in the fifteen years that I have had the account. And that it was in my maiden name. And that I had changed addresses. Thankfully times have changed and banking officials are much more willing to help and even bend the rules slightly. Ten years ago when I tried to do fix some of this stuff I had such nightmares I abandoned it. Progress!


  1. Happy Birthday Tyler, you look big, well done Jac on 500 sales.

  2. Thanks Dad!! So cool that you noticed the 500 sales on Etsy, I am so happy.


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