Tanabata Star Festival at Kindergarten

Remember a couple of months ago when I asked if anyone had a boy's summer kimono? Here are the pictures from the event which was held at kindergarten this evening. It was a belated celebration of tanabata, a star festival which occurs on July 7th. See the decorated bamboo?

Little Guy looked so cool in blue. Thank you so much Miss Behaving for sending it over.

The evening was a great family success for many reasons. Mr. Mee a Bee was able to come when he would normally have been at work - thanks to Noodle's parent-teacher conference being scheduled for this evening. He knew how to put the yukata on. He also drove us over saving a huge parking nightmare.

Little Guy was quite nervous when we first got there. We weren't quite sure where to stand or what we should be doing. Then it was time for the kids to get into their class groups.  You should have seen his face break into the biggest smile ever when he found his friends. They were all terribly excited to be out at night and in their fancy gear.

The kids did several traditional summer dances accompanied by music and a great taiko drum. The mothers also did a dance but I didn't participate - two reasons, well three really if you include me being lazy - I do not have a yukata and I was working on the day the dance practice was scheduled. Excuses, Excuses!

At about 7.30 it got dark enough for the full moon to become very clear and a few fireworks were let off. We were home by eight. The kids have a half day tomorrow after having the whole day off today. I'm sure some will be tired but I think Little T will still be excited! It was a lovely evening.

More pictures here.

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