Time to 'fess up

Before I have too many of you wonderful people feeling sorry for us melting in the Osaka heat I think I should confess to something. We won't actually have to suffer the whole summer as we are jetting off to New Zealand for three weeks in August. I've been keeping that close for some months now. I booked the tickets back in January. We're super-excited but have had to pace ourselves since we had so long to wait. Now it's just under a month away so I think we can officially start sharing our plans.

Watch the New Zealand promo videos here.

Our last trip 'home' was back in 2009 when we went for Christmas. It was Little Guy's first visit and you might recall how worried I was about the long flights. These days Little Guy is a changed person. He can sit still for fairly long periods although he does still talk a mile a minute constantly. Unfortunately the flights I booked and paid extra for,  pre-earthquake, have been changed so we cannot fly direct but we can't do anything about that. (not complaining)

our splurge - accommodation for part of the road trip

Three weeks will go very quickly. We have a week with my mum and family in Auckland. Our stay wouldn't be as much fun without a huge road trip - more on that later - in the second week. I've roped Dad into coming with us. Our last week we'll be back in Auckland doing boring stuff like going to the dentist, getting my hair cut and probably a doctor's visit as well.

It will be winter so we're crossing our fingers for decent weather. We love the cold but are not so keen on cold rain. I'll ask the weather Gods about that tonight. Yep, it's official, I am obsessed with the weather.


  1. Oh wonderful! Enjoy to the max! A break from the Japan heat will be welcome I am sure.

  2. So excited for you and your family Jacqui! Sounds like it will be wonderful!

  3. As you probably know, winter has finally arrived here - mostly in the form of endless rain! But we did have a few days of clear cold weather which was lovely. I'll cross my fingers for you (and me!) that you get some of that nice winter weather. Give me a yell if you feel like a bloggy meet-up!


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