You know what they say about the best laid plans

So the weekend arrived - a three day weekend - woohoo - and time to relax and enjoy the summer. The kids went to their grandparent's house for dinner, stayed the night and spent a day at the public pools. I stayed home and got everything ready for Little Guy's birthday party. We thought Monday would be best since it was a holiday.

We woke up to RAIN. Not just showers but a solid 24 hours of vertically falling downpour. Sayonara pool party! What a shame after months of planning. Remind me next year that Rainy Season may still be lingering and that Typhoon Season will just be starting. It will be hot. Too hot to bake. Too hot to eat outside. Too hot for cakes with sugar icing (frosting).

We still had a really nice little party indoors, just the family and tons of food. I was pretty excited about the cake, so excited that I didn't get any decent photos. Even with the air conditioning on it started to melt almost as soon as I got it out of the fridge so our poor polar bears were sinking. (Much like a real iceberg?).

Polar Bears for five year old bear lover

Little Guy will turn five this Saturday. In some ways these have been the longest five years of my life. In other ways I really can't believe it's been five years since I was pregnant and giving birth to him.

My almost five year old, Tyler and me (with wet hair from my dash to the shops)

The original cake, which I tried so hard to make, is here. More photos here on Flickr of our party.


  1. Happy Birthday Tyler! Your cake looks great; such wonderful height!!

    I've been thinking about parties recently too, as the little man's is coming up in November. Have you ever invited the boys friends? I always think what a lovely time it would be for him but worry about the presents and 'return gifts' issue...

  2. The cake looks beautiful Jacqui! And I love the top you are wearing in the photo! You are looking very cool despite how humid it must be!
    Happy Birthday to your little guy. 5 is quite a milestone. I am feeling inspired to do something special for my little guys birthday coming up in September. Almost every day recently he asks me, "Is it my birthday today?"
    Such bad luck for the pool party but glad you made the most of the situation!

  3. Thanks you two!

    Crafty, I have had parties in the past with friends invited but mainly only other international families. The ones where the kids were from kindy (Japanese kids) were slightly problematic for me since the kids didn't know any of the games and couldn't grasp the whole idea of birthday parties. I found it VERY annoying and disappointing after so much effort so I canned the idea. We just do family things now.

    Claire! my top, I am so happy you mentioned it as it's the one I made myself :)
    Tyler has been talking about his birthday for at least six months too!!

  4. That is super Jacqui! I will have to comission you to make me one! Just love the little sleeve on it! Any thoughts to make kids clothes for your shop too?

  5. Happy Birthday to Tyler! Wow, 5 years feels like such a milestone. Well done, Jacqui - I know it has been hard work at times, but oh so worth it :-)
    Love Cathy and family xxx


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