The Big Carrot: Road Trippin'

Road Trip Day One. Our destination: Ohakune, home of the giant carrot and apr├ęs ski capital of the North Island!!!

We're booked into a luxurious new holiday home for the week so you're welcome to picture me relaxing by the open fire, sipping aperitifs. More likely I will be crashed out on the couch after an exhausting day on the mountain chasing my kids.

After much tossing and turning about accommodation I decided a holiday house would suit us better than a hotel, hostel or B&B. The place we'll be at has all the mod-cons - DVD player, gas-heated water, electric blankets, slow-cooker, dishwasher - a true home away from home. The weather can be unpredictable in the Central North Island so if we do have to spend a day indoors at least it will be comfortable. Budget-wise, cooking our own food will save a lot. I will have done a big shop at the discount supermarket before we left.

I haven't skied in more than fifteen years and even then I was totally useless. Send me your positive ski weather vibes please. Some of my dear friends may still remember the concussion I suffered one weekend on the mountain and the subsequent black eye. Rain and icy snow was my downfall.

I hope you are having a good day wherever you are!


  1. Having Kiwi roots I am interested to read of all of your trip to NZ! I thought it was only Aussies that loved the BIG roadside like the Kiwis have some too, with the big carrot!

  2. That sounds like my kind of accomodation Jacqui! Fingers crossed for blue skies and soft forgiving snow! Still have nightmares of my attempts to learn in Japan - a beginner really shouldn't start out on an intermediate slope! Enjoy! (*o*)/

  3. The carrot looks so funny and out of place in the winter scene. Fun!

  4. The carrot has been painted black, supporting NZ world cup colours.


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