Easy Ski with Two Kids thanks to About Last Weekend

Ages ago my friend and fellow kiwi girl posted her ski tips for families. She has FOUR kids so I think if she can do it then so can I. I only have two kids afterall. Check it out: About Last Weekend, Easy Ski with Kids

I wasn't able to follow all of her advice - renting a house for the whole season would have been great though!! I have hopefully managed to put tip #4 into play - Pack Your Lunch. The plan is/was to go to the supermarket before we embarked on the road trip. On my list I have juice boxes, sandwich bags, muesli bars, those cheese and cracker thingies. Food is always the killer budget-wise when you are travelling or anytime actually, someone is always hungry or thirsty the moment we step out the door.

Wish us luck for our first day of skiiing. We are definitely having lessons as they offer a great three day package for beginners.

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  1. Have fun and come home safely! I loved to ski but as I got older and my hockey playing became more competitive I wasn't able to go often. Then I moved to very southern Japan so haven't done it in forever!

    There's nothing like wizzing down a moutain with the cold wind on your cheeks taking in the view. Enjoy!


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