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Skiing was amazing, we had a GREAT time. We won't have photos until we return home to Japan next week - wow that has gone fast!

The weather was great so we managed two and a half days of skiing/snowboarding. I am thrilled to say I am a 'natural' as I mastered the beginner's slopes in just one day! I could have moved on to the upper slopes but stuck around to keep an eye on the kids. They loved it too so it was well worth the huge amounts of money I seemed to be handing over at every opportunity.

Our road trip was most excellent and I appreciated the planning I'd done in advance. I think Grandad did too. We saw some amazing scenery and tons of farm animals along the way. The roads in New Zealand are just awesome.

We have just a few days left in New Zealand. Today I have done my big supermarket stock-up and a bit of shopping. I have two years worth of tampons, toothbrushes and toothpaste in my suitcase now. Yes, I know those things are available in Japan but I have my favourite brands!

My most surprising purchases are t shirts and paraphanalia to do with the World Cup Rugby. New Zealand hosts this event next month. I find myself feeling somewhat patriotic and wanting to show our support. I doubt I would or will watch any of the games but the kids will have their gear if they do {on tv}.

The boys have been to an indoor rock climbing place today with mum. I can't wait to hear about that. It's getting late now and they are not back so I guess it was a hit. Tomorrow we are planning a stroll back in time at the Auckland Museum.

We still haven't seen some of our friends and family - there are so many people we would love to have seen! Friday and the weekend we will be doing that. We leave bright and early on Monday of next week.

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