Road Trip Planning

So this week we're on our BIG KIWI ROAD TRIP (2011 version). This is one of my pre-written posts so you can keep up with our plans. I will try and post from time to time but access to computers is often sketchy when I'm away with my kids.

The other day Noodle told me he loves road trips which made me incredibly happy as I do spend a lot of time trying to make them fantastic. It all starts with the PLAN. I really love the AA website. It has so many excellent resources including these pre-planned road trips. AWESOME! Our trip this time is a combo of the Hamilton-Central Plateau plan and the Napier-Rotorua plan. I wish we had more time!

Normally I am travelling with the kids on my own but this time I have convinced my dad to come along with us. Dad worked as a sales rep when I was very young so he knows every road in the country. We won't need a car navigation system (you know my reputation for getting lost).

I've been sharing the travel plans with Dad on Whenever I find a page I think will be handy I add it to TripIt with the icon I have installed on my toolbar. Whenever I make reservations I forward them by email to TripIt and they automatically arrange themselves in our itinerary. Very cool!

Planning the itinerary quite thoroughly is really helpful when you're on a budget (who isn't?). I have worked out the best days and times to visit the main attractions. Pre-booking sometimes offers discounts or at the very least I have found out what the family discount package includes. Our ski package is great value with gear rental, lessons and a sight-seeing chairlift ride in the deal.

Years ago, I think I was pregnant with Noodle, I took my husband on a road trip in New Zealand. He had only been to NZ twice before that so he had no clue what to expect. We were rather off the beaten track when we realized we were running low on gas. It was quite terrifying for a little while as we were in a somewhat remote location where towns were few and far between. It was daylight savings so while it was very sunny it was getting late so we were worried the gas station would be closed, when we found one. It all worked out in the end but ever since then I use the internet to locate all the gas stations along our planned route. Of course now with kids one of them always wants a drink or the toilet so this info comes in handy. We are rather fond of BP. Check out the BP Road Trip Planner.

Some people might think I have sucked the essence of fun out of the road trip with such planning but I don't think those people have traveled with my kids!! Perhaps when they're older there will be more spontaneity. Which camp do you fall into? Super-Planner or Super-Go-With-the Flow?


  1. Definitely a super-planner and one of the tools you might want to check out for Road Trip Planning is .

    While its scenic drives are primarily for the US, its Road Trip Planner works everywhere and allows you to plan your trip to a T, quickly dividing the trip into manageable days which can then be printed or downloaded to your GPS. Check it out:

  2. I like the idea of being spontaneous but in reality I am the kind of person who had all 62 nights of our accomodation booked before we backpacked Europe and we took a laptop with us!!! Can't imagine planning for kids too!


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