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Well I told you about the shopping expedition last Friday. Shopping can be hazardous to your health! A couple of weeks ago I ordered something from the safety of my office chair. You'll laugh, I ordered one of these Steam Mops from the infomercials.

The background: at the holiday house near the ski resort there was a steam mop. Dad knew all about them and was keen to see how it worked. Geoff, the property manager, thought it was pretty cool and added it to the list of mod-cons worthy of mention in the house. It was remarkably easy to use and did a nice job on the slate tiles.

Two weeks later we returned home to our pig sty. Mr. Mee a Bee had done some housework but it was not up to my usual standards. It's usually the way, I return home after visiting friend's and family's lovely homes in New Zealand and mine just looks disgusting. Full of old junky furniture. Crammed with rubbish. The laundry I had washed and folded on our departure day was still sitting on the floor where I had left it three weeks before.

So I looked up steam mops and found the Japan website! yaye! I know it seems like I am addicted to ordering things online. It's just so easy. Too easy perhaps, now I am on their mailing list so they will be sending me info about all kinds of things I really really need. Like the six steak knives.

Anyway my mop finally arrived today. My kitchen floor was embarrassing but you could eat your dinner right off it now! Go on laugh! I'm such a housewife.


  1. I've often wondered if those steam mops are any good...

  2. It's still just a mop, I have to say. But it does save you tracking around with a bucket of water and I think it does get in-ground dirt off more easily. You still have to vacuum before-hand - it drags all the dust and hair around just like a normal mop!


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