Eating our way around Hawke's Bay

Sunday in Hawke's Bay started bright and early with a visit to the famous Farmer's Market. I love Farmer's Markets. I wish we had something like it in my area. I just love to meet the people behind the food.

On this particular morning I had a lovely chat to a winemaker, got some great recipe ideas for persimmon and was convinced by the kids to buy some of "the world's most delicious honey" (Noodle's words).

My aunty explained that I was a blogger so asked if he wouldn't mind a photo - what a guy! The Naked Honey Pot is a local honey producer in the Napier area. The hives are located in remote bush areas giving the honey a very unique flavour. The kids visited the stand before I did and tried each variety. Their favourite was Bush Honey. It's really yummy. Save this recipe for winter when pears come into season: Pear Walnut and Honey Betty (PDF)

Later in the day I took the kids to a Hawke's Bay icon: Rush Munro's. This ice cream shop has been around since 1926. It's a true success story as you can see from the website. I have many memories of Rush Munro's from childhood. I think if you ask anyone local about it they will definitely have a favourite flavour.

Which would you pick?

Banana Blackcurrant Boysenberry Chocolate
Coconut Cookies & Cream Double Chocolate Chip Feijoa
Hokey Pokey Lemon Gin Lemon Honey Malted Milk
Manuka Honey Maple Walnut Mochaccino Passionfruit
Raspberry Rum & Raisin Strawberries & Cream Treasure Hunt
Vanilla Vanilla Bean

Little Guy chose Banana. Noodle had Treasure Hunt. I would've been hard-pressed to choose but since ice cream is not really my favourite thing I didn't have one that day. I will next time.

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  1. Feijoa is always my favourite when I go back to Rush Munroes.


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