An exhausting afternoon of boy troubles

Boy's Messenger Bag - Toddler Size - Vintage Cars
Phew, what a day! This morning I hurried to finish this bag so that I could ask Tyler to pose for a photo after kindy. As you can see he was not happy to help. But he never is. It's quite exasperating but I suppose he's entitled to his feelings on the matter.

Noodle came home hot and tired. He was a man on a mission with his homework and was not impressed by Tyler's attempts to throw a Halloween party.

Just before five Noodle raced off to his tutoring class only to come dashing back to say he'd forgotten his watch. I looked in all the usual spots and came up empty-handed. He left in quite a huff and a panic as he was running late by this point. I checked under his bed again and found it! So Tyler and I jumped on our bikes to take it - we got there with two minutes to spare before the teacher went inside. I hope Noodle is grateful. And I wish he would look after his stuff more carefully.

We cycled home at a more leisurely pace and were rounding the corner to the home straight when I heard a crash. Tyler had hit the curb and fallen off his bike! Luckily he wasn't hurt except he took a handle bar in the gut. Poor fellow. He's very quiet now. (He was wearing a helmet and did not hit his head thank goodness).

So I have this new Messenger Bag for Little Boys in my shop. It's being sold at the introductory price of $25 plus postage. The model's bag has a nice long strap if you have a taller boy otherwise the standard strap is also available.


  1. What a day Jacqui! Glad that all is well in the end and Tyler wasn't too seriously injured. I actually like his sultry model look! Very professional!! Boys will be boys! Tom just got a copy of Toy Story for his birthday and has now been practising flying off the couch!!! He is okay but its Missy Muffet copying him that I worry about!!!!Here's to a less eventful day tomorrow! (*o*)/

  2. I like the moody look of the photo :o)
    Hope he is feeling OK after his big crash, I have just started taking ebi-kun out on his bike, I come back a wreck everytime lol


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