Hats off to you Mr Cat

The kids are back at school today. What a week. Monday was a holiday, part of our lovely long weekend. Wednesday we were hit by a huge typhoon that swept right over most of the country bringing heavy rain and a day off for the kids. Tomorrow, Friday, they're home again for another public holiday. Is it Autumnal Equinox? I am not sure.

Today I am making the most of the peace and quiet. I watched the tail-end of a movie this morning while I had my cup of tea and the last cupcake. Eating all day, I had yummy ravioli for lunch. Then I made it to 'work' and took some photos of this new bag. The sample, the first in the batch, is for sale for just $25.00 here. I am still tweaking the design, wondering if it needs a little something extra. Any thoughts?

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