The Hazards of Shopping

If it's not one thing it's another. It's really been a year of it. This time I have hurt my back.

How did it happen? Well let me tell you about Friday. I had the best day. I was happy as I was going out with a friend for the day and was finally feeling my normal self after the flu.

We drove to Costco, the giant American wholesale supermarket. It is a long way from here, at least an hour and a half drive. I hadn't visited the actual store in some years. If you've ever been to Costco then you'll know that the stuff is really cheap and sold in bulk - huge trays of drinks, giant bottles of mayonnaise, multi-packs of cleaning solutions. The trolleys are big and cumbersome. I guess I must have wrenched my back with the heavy trolley laden with goodies.

I know from experience that lying on the couch is not the best plan of attack. Today I will return to the gym (after a long hiatus for my trip and then the flu). I will try some gentle stretching maybe some swimming and a soak in the hot tub.

Apart from that our weekend has been quite good so far. Yesterday was incredibly hot, about 33 degrees. I forced the kids into the paddling pool. Can you believe they moaned and groaned that it was too cold? Little Guy embraced it eventually. He's so fun-loving. Noodle got out quickly and eventually he went to his tutoring class early just so he could escape.

This morning the kids are out with their dad on litter patrol. Mr. Mee a Bee is our community group leader this year so he cannot avoid the quarterly street cleanup event. It would really be quite fun for them if it were not so hot. Personally I can think of better things to do at 8 am on a Sunday!

How's your weekend been?


  1. I hope your back mends quickly, everything is pretty tiresome when you're in pain. Mr W came home for the weekend..he works away..and did the mowing, cleaned the gutters and fed the pot plants and I got all the washing done and dried as it was very windy here..very productive!

  2. Thank you Carol! happily it seems much better after a low-impact dose of aquarobics and a soak in the bubble spa.

    Your husband is worth his weight in gold!!! I need my lawns mowed, my pot plants are all dead ... I need a guy like that around!! Truth is it's too hot to deal with the garden yet.


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