How's your smile?

This morning I am smiling BIG. One of my friends at kindergarten told me she thought I had lost weight! Isn't that great? One of the benefits of the flu I guess!

My smile has become a tiny bit more perfect today as I have been to the DENTIST. It is truly amazing as in the fifteen years that I have lived in Japan I have never been to a dentist before. That's probably hard to believe but I was always scared of medical professionals in this country. Up until a few years ago I did not even have my own doctor.

What changed my mind? A friend and I were chatting about things we needed to do before our upcoming trips home for the summer. The dentist came up as one of the things I would do in New Zealand. I was worried about the cost since most people in NZ, myself included, do not have insurance for dental work. Last time I had to fork out over a thousand dollars for a couple of fillings. In the end my bank balance convinced me to go here in Japan where it is virtually free, thanks to our compulsory medical insurance scheme. This morning I had two fillings done for less than the cost of three for lunch at McDonalds! I will have a follow-up visit next week then hopefully I will be all set for another year.

It's another of those big milestones for me. I'm another step closer to really belonging in my chosen country. Good or bad, it's a reality I have had to come to accept: I live here.

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  1. Congratulations to you to conquer the fear of Japanese doctors, or at least dentists !
    I must admit I very much share this fear, especially of Japanese dentists, and generally go in my home country for a check up...not ideal.
    My (Japanese) husband has found a dentist he seems happy about, so maybe I'll just go and see him next time (hear the shaking knees !)
    Good day to you !


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