A little sweet treat: Artisan Two by Two

It's not unusual for me to buy my Christmas presents early as I like to spread out the cost, save in the summer sales and take advantage of cheaper shipping. Today I am excited about two things I found for my own kids - which were neither reduced in price nor will need to be shipped, oh well. They are just so cute I couldn't risk them selling out.

Have you ever come across Artisan Biscuits? Oh my, just the packaging has me swooning. The owl and the pussycat? I had to have it. Plus they're handmade, all natural ingredients, even some organic. No nuts. Perfect.

My kids love tins. Noodle has a special one for his essential items like a pocket knife and a compass. Little Guy has all kinds of rotating stuff in his. I chose one lunch box and one money box. Little Guy doesn't have his own money box but he frequently opens his brother's one and dips in. I think we need to teach him the value of saving.

I found these things at Amazon Japan. Sorry I got the last George and the Dragon money box.


  1. I love these biscuits and they are made just down the road from my hometown :o)

  2. Hi
    I came across your blog by chance and am so interested to read it- my son is living in Osaka for a year while he studies at Kansai university. I hope to visit in the spring, so I may pick your brains for tips on where to go for great fabric!!


  3. That'd be great Heather, I would love to help and maybe even tag along!


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