Long Weekend Coming Up - Our Plans

We have a three day weekend coming up, the 17th, 18th and 19th. It's rare that we have all three days together since Mr. Mee a Bee works most Saturdays. We had hoped to go on a family camping trip but it's not going to happen for a couple of reasons. First, we were too late in trying to make a booking. Then, there was a big typhoon two weeks ago which came with heavy rainfall, flooding and landslips in the areas where a lot of the small campsites are. Many have had to close temporarily.

Plan B: camping in our garden! The weather will be okay most of the time, fingers crossed. We may have cloud and by Monday it will be raining according to the Met Service.

We've invited our friends along for a BBQ at the beach and then hiking up our favourite mountain, Inunaki. Remember this shot I took last year? It's a beautiful place. Generally it's cooler than town which is a great relief. The boys were there last weekend and told me to look into horsefly repellent. Is there such a thing?

I'm also worried about the mosquitoes in our garden. We couldn't even sit out there for ten minutes today without being nibbled at.

If you are at a loss for things to do won't you consider joining us for a BBQ at Marble Beach? Saturday!

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