Mistaken Identity

Are you ever mistaken for something you are not? I am routinely asked if I am a teacher. That makes sense since a lot of English-speaking people living in Japan are or were teachers of English. More recently I have been asked if I am a university student! I find that to be very flattering since I am almost forty years old. Surely I am too old to be a student! I've had that question many times over the past year since I am out without my kids more these days. From time to time I am asked if I am a tourist visiting but not that often. A few times, years ago, I was asked if I was a 'lady of the night'. I wasn't insulted, it had nothing to do with what I was doing or wearing, it was just the creepy attitudes of a middle-aged Japanese men. I'd been warned about that sort of thing.

I think for today I'd like to pretend I am a uni student. See you at the pub later!

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  1. In Spain on my OE I was mistaken by some French guys (oo la la!) for a local. This remains the highlight of my ongoing attempts not to look like a tourist when I am one.


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