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I think I told you about our dear little friend who comes around on Mondays? She's the daughter of a good friend and we just love her to bits. The idea is for her to have exposure to good old kiwi fun, English and culture.

While we were in New Zealand we bought a couple of new games to play together.

Today we had a go with Monopoly U-BUILD. It's a new spin on the original. The 'board' is a series of click together pieces. You can customise the game depending on how much time you have to play. It can all be over in half an hour - great for Mums who hate board games yet get roped into playing! It's for ages eight and up so Noodle is really into it. Little Guy and Miss Six found it complicated and boring. We abandoned it in favour of Charades for Kids.

I had a feeling Charades would be popular with my two. They love goofing around and Little Guy is quite the show-off / actor/ comedian. Miss Six can't get enough of their antics so she was into it too. The game we got was designed in New Zealand for children aged four and up. You needn't be able to read as several of the cards have pictures as well as words. For example, Telephone. Or my favourite when Little Guy does it: Snail. He's so cute. The game is well-designed as it also has quite complex tasks to act out, for those who can read. Today Noodle had to act out "reading someone's palm". Ventriloquist was fun! great new vocabulary for all three of them!

Crafty types, you can make your own set here.

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