New Zealand - missing you

Hello my friends! I am finally back! I hope you have not been too worried since I did say I would be back a couple of weeks ago.

I've been very ill with a bad case of the 'flu. I'm pretty sure I picked it up on the flight back to Japan and needless to say it was nasty. For over a week I could do nothing but lay on the couch feeling somewhat sorry for myself (and raging a fever). When I finally was able to get up it was only for very short spells. Tonight is the first night I have felt like eating - my poor kids have had to fend for themselves this whole time as I have had no appetite and no energy to cook. The bad cough is still lingering but I do hope I have my energy back for good now.

Homesick? Oh yes, I was. As mum reminded me over the phone I am lucky to have made it this far into motherhood without getting seriously ill before. There's really nothing worse than being all alone in the world when you are sick. And poor mum was left feeling very helpless on the other side of the world.

I'm sure you're hoping for more news of our trip, more photos and whatnot. I will get to it. For now I am slowly recuperating which has meant lots of naps on the couch and television watching. To abate my homesickness I have watched all the kiwi favourites I have on DVD: Country Calendar; Kiwi Kitchen, The World's Fastest Indian and a new one which I just loved: Boy directed by Taika Waititi

Thanks for sticking with me, hopefully I am back in the saddle now!


  1. Welcome back Jacqui! We have missed you of course but hope you are really much better. Take it easy. I have discovered the only job harder than being a mum is being a mum when you are sick!xo

  2. Welcome back and get better soon!


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