NZ Trip Best Spots: Auckland Museum

I'm going to start the posts in random order, just what comes to mind. Auckland War Memorial Museum is always a favourite place to visit. It's undergone huge changes since I was a girl. I think it's lost some of it's dusty mystic and allure as I used to love visiting the exhibits that were slightly off the beaten track. Now the whole museum is very slick with highly interactive displays. I suppose it's better.

My sister and I paid a visit to a special exhibit called Mr. Jones' Wives: War Brides of New Zealand Servicemen. I really enjoyed this small display of letters and photos from the women who had immigrated to New Zealand with or for their husbands that they had met overseas. Women from England, Russia, Canada and many other places had met their future husbands when the men were stationed abroad during the world wars. Many of these women never saw their families again, they did not ever return to their home countries. They found New Zealand difficult to adapt to and at times hostile. Still they didn't really complain. I could relate to some of their difficulties but I really have to thank my lucky stars that communication and travel are so easy these days. I don't know what I would do if I could never see my family again.

Another cool little display was the New Zealand History area.  I took some photos of the old food packaging (much to my sister's delight, she asked if it was for my blog? of course!). I loved looking at the old typefaces and fonts on the packaging. Of course it is all chocolate!


  1. I loved the wives exibit, The muesuem on a whole, in my opinion is alot to take in on one trip? to much info = mushy brain for me lol

    Look forward to m ore of you NZ posts!

  2. When my sister and I were youngish, on rainy weekends, mum would drop us off at the museum and we would spend the whole day there by ourselves (!!). We would spend most of our time in the old village part, pretending we lived there.


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