Robots vs People

Of course 'real' robots don't look much like this but aren't these Little Boy's Robot Messenger bags cute?

The other morning we were watching a Japanese news program, waiting for news of the typhoon. A short documentary popped up about auto-makers. I was amazed how fast the actual people worked on the automated factory line. Have you ever seen how modern car factories operate? The car is on a conveyor belt moving down the line. Each person or robot has just minutes or even seconds to do their part before it moves to the next station. How stressful!

The program did comment on how much time is saved by using robots in the factory and showed some scenes from the old days for comparison. In fact it looked quite hazardous to health so it may be better that robots perform the dangerous tasks.

Today I have been production line sewing. I'm not quite at robot status yet. Everything is still done by hand except the actual sewing. Hand-sewing is still not my thing.

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