The Ski Trip!

The view from The Carrot Cake Chalet - our holiday house for a week

It's taken me ages to get the photos loaded up and only some have been edited. There are many duplicates and I am still trying to pick the ones to print (sorry mum and dad!). But if you'd like to take a look then click here. They're mainly all of us, my Dad, my two kids and me. They might be boring if you don't know us but the scenery is spectacular.

We arrived on Monday, a cloudy day, so we couldn't see anything. Imagine waking up to THIS view on Tuesday morning (see above)! I am not sure why it took us so long to get up to the mountain but we spent the whole afternoon learning to ski and having a blast!

Noodle had always planned to snowboard. He hadn't tried it before though we had been warned it has a steep learning curve. It was a lot harder than he expected but he stuck with it and I know he enjoyed himself. He's rearing to go again.

Little Guy took to skiing like a little ripper. He's pretty sporty anyway but he's also quite fearless like so many little kids. Falling over is no big deal. Crashing into people, no worries. Causing big pile ups on the lifts, just smile and wave! He loved it.

Me, the carpark, Day 2

It didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things. I loved it too. Grandad took a spill the first day that left him with a pounding headache. He enjoyed watching, encouraging and taking photos most of the time. I think he's decided skiing is not for him.

The atmosphere at Turoa was so great. All of the staff are super-friendly and very helpful. Most of the people up there skiing were families. School? what's that? It wasn't actually the school holidays for the Kiwi kids yet there were an amazing number of them there having a few days off. Nice!

As for all our planning. We got our gear sorted the day before we hit the mountain, that was perfect. We had plenty of snacks and our pockets were big enough for juice packs. On fine days like these you get really thirsty. The food in the cafe was quite expensive but the hotdogs were sooooo good. The hot chips, we couldn't live without them. I had a little coin purse full of $5 and $10 notes. I felt like I was handing them out left, right and centre. Skiing is not a cheap enterprise. It gets to the point where you say to yourself "It's only money!"

What was the highlight of the ski trip? It was all such a lot of fun, such a great experience and so worthwhile. The best thing was spending so much time with Dad. He's great company; patient and calm. We wouldn't have managed without him for sure. The road up the mountain with its patches of black ice for one thing. This snow-covered carpark. The heavy skis. Plus dad loves to eat and drink coffee. Just like me! Thank you Dad!

Dad and our rental car affectionately called 'ere you are because of the licence plates

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  1. Great pics! You were lucky with the weather. We are heading up to Whakapapa this weekend with some friends - hoping we get good weather too... skifields closed today!!


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