Stranded on a desert island - a pirate and a palm tree

Yesterday's photo session started here in my lounge with the uncooperative pirate. "I don't like pirates" is a commonly uttered statement from this chap.

It's true, he's never been into pirates. His brother, on the other hand, was really into pirates from about the age of three. He had every pirate book ever written, a pirate duvet cover, the Lego pirate ship, numerous t shirts, costumes and whatever else someone thought up to market to unsuspecting parents like me. BUT he didn't have his very own homemade Pirate Messenger Bag!! coming soon to Mee a Bee.

Our palm tree is an exciting new additon to our home. It's another one of Sticky Tiki's fabulous creations - in fact the one I have been coveting for ages. I mentioned this in passing to Kim when I was visiting in August. Bless her, she offered to make one for us complete with the kids' names on the bird's ribbons. HOW COOL IS IT?! Thank you Kim, I stare at it all day long.

This variety of palm is native to New Zealand. It's called a Nikau. We had one in our garden at home when I was growing up. The birds are also gorgeous natives. Kereru or wood pigeon. I could go on about this forever.

On a technical note. This is the first time I have used the Sticky Tiki wall decals on my textured wallpaper. They have been up since the end of August and are firmly stuck (but still removeable). Initially I was worried they wouldn't stick but I needed to firmly press quite a large area of the decal onto the wall then smooth the rest on. Easy peasy.


  1. The nikau looks fantastic but your pirate looks even better...ARGHH!!!
    Thanks Jac, it was so lovely to see you even though it was short and sweet, Your boys are lovely and growing like little mushrooms. xx

  2. You're the best Kim! we just love visiting you and we love our Stickys. Today my Chatty Cafe ladies wanted to know all about it.


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