World Famous in New Zealand?

What gives a small town its edge? Is it the friendly people, its popular cafes? In New Zealand it seems every small town wants to outdo its neighbour with some wonderful claim to fame. Ohakune has the giant carrot (painted black right now to support the All Blacks!!). There's a small town in the North Island called Paeroa that's home to the famous huge L&P bottle. I think there's a massive kiwifruit in Te Puke, the Kiwifruit capital of the world.

On our roadtrip we managed to see quite a few of these 'world-famous' landmarks. The Big Carrot in Ohakune was right around the corner from our holiday house. We stopped for a munch one day, yum! In Tirau I made sure I took some pictures of the huge Sheep and Dog. As we sped through Taihape I reminded everyone to keep a look out for the famous Big Gumboot. We didn't stop for a picture, we were kind of lost that day and had missed our turn-off. I grabbed this picture from Flickr, Charlie Brewer.

The use of corrugated iron in sculpture is somewhat fascinating. I can't seem to find a source but I am pretty sure there must be an article about it somewhere. Corrugated iron is a common building material in rural New Zealand and I think it must be held dearly by many. Even Auckland Zoo has it's own corrugated iron elephant greeting people at the gates.

Does your town have its own famous landmark? Or does it have a name? I'm from Auckland which is known as The City of Sails. (edit: perhaps it has a new name, do you know what it is and have any thoughts?)


  1. Actually they paid a consultancy a lot of money to come up with a new tag for Auckland, we're now 'the big little city' or maybe 'the little big city'? Can't remember. Either way it's awful and embarrassing and I'm sure we'll be back to City of Sails eventually.

  2. could be worse.... Could be HamiltON or the new L$P campaign (nothing much) lol
    You may not have seen that

  3. Poor old HamiltON!

    Jacqui I had not heard about the little big little big city, I will stick with the city of sails. It still seems apt in my mind :)

    That L&P ad was a bit weird wasn't it Lisa? It was a little bit too kiwi for this kiwi who has been away too long :)

  4. Yes when i was back in NZ I loved all the graphics and the huge kiwis and what not. Towns like Bulls do it so well. I think the kiwis are their own best promoters!


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