Another installment in the "We are fantastic parents" series

This evening I told Mr. Mee a Bee that I would get out the video camera so I can film the sporting event tomorrow. He looked at me incredulously and said "Do we still have that?". "Was that even ours?" "Wasn't that your brother's?" I laughed and went to get it. The bag had faded from grey to a kind of putrid green. The battery was completely flat and I could not remember how to turn it on.

Still I plugged it in and found that there was a tape (yes, a tape!!) inside. We both wondered when we had used it last. I finally got it up and running. It was so funny: it was Noodle, on the very same day!! five years ago.!! His para-ballooning spectacular from kindergarten!! (Now I see why Little Guy's teachers keep calling him Noah (Noodle's name) instead of Tyler - they are the spitting image of each other). Little Guy is in the video too, a teeny tiny, spotty three month old. What an ugly baby, poor sausage, he had such terrible skin.

What dedicated and enthusiastic parents we are, recording all the momentous events of our kid's lives!

Noodle was miffed that I had not taped his recent sporting glories. I told him I would probably film him becoming President of the United States. He didn't find that odd. The timing would seem right, another few years down the track. But since we're not even American I might as well have said when pigs fly. I don't think video-ing is our thing.


  1. I loved reading this story. we have no video footage of our son growing up either, and my memory is of other parents watching the important events of their child growing up through the tiny eyepiece of the video camera. though I take copious photographs now - more than I ever did when he was small - I still maintain that the best photos and movies of all are those in my head.
    Precious times...

  2. lol. We have a pile of video which needs editing and although I am training in editing it is really time consuming and I am VERY picky (maybe if i hadn't studied editing I wouldn't be as bad) so it rarely gets put together which makes watching it again painful (for me). My friend sent me a Flip video, it is tiny, fully digital and you can just keep it in your bag, I have had a lot more success with it than the old chunk of a camera


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