Oh dear ... lets hope this has nothing to do with us

Yesterday I had a visit from a long-lost friend from out of town. It was a stunning day so we decided to go for a walk along one of our famous walking trails.

Imagine my surprise when we came upon this graffiti bearing my son's name!! I burst out laughing and quickly took a photo. My friend was shocked. Perhaps she has more faith in the ability of a five year old, with a spray can, about five kilometres from our home ... If he were a teenager then I completely might have thought it was him since he can be a handful and in the past we might have wondered if he were headed for a life of delinquency. (Of course these days he's an angel thanks to his new sticker chart!).

There are a few interesting things about this 'tag'. We seldom see graffiti around here. There's not much even in downtown Osaka. Secondly, Tyler is not a common name here. The Japanese version is Taira, which is quite an old-fashioned name. Even if a kid was called Taira, it most definitely would not be spelled this way. So, we concluded that this was done by a visiting student or tourist. Shame on them.

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