Changes ... again! to the Mee a Bee website
One of the things I spend a lot of time doing is reading about and thinking about ways to get more people to visit my website. I would love to have more customers, who in business doesn't want that?

Etsy is great and that's where I sell most of my bags. I've been selling there for close to five years now without complaint. Still I do like the flexibility of having my own website. It's fun to fiddle around with.

Today I came up with this illustration for the front page. I use Gimp which is free. Don't you think it's quite clever? Given that I am a self-taught wannabe graphic designer? (in case I think it's better than it is, it's supposed to look like a "To Do list on a Post It note. I tried to choose a font that looks like handwriting). I know it's early to be thinking about C*******S but I do need to think about the cut-off dates for International shipping. I'm sure there are some among you who shop early?

My site is undergoing some changes so right now the full range is not listed. I hope to get to it over the next few days. Once it's all running smoothly I will return here to plead with you to share my shop information to anyone who has a kid in their life ;)

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