Confessions of a mum in troubled waters

Wouldn't it be great if this blog was funny? I was reading a 'mom blog' a few minutes ago, giggling away to myself and it struck me that my blog is not funny. Why not? I love to kid around!

Have you had any laughs this weekend? Sad to say I have not. It's been busy and at times a tad stressful. Noodle has entered 'tweensville. He's happy-go-lucky one minute and scowling, mean and nasty the next.

Today in the space of five seconds, in the walk from the shed to the gate his mood changed. I demanded but did not get an explanation. I seriously contemplated leaving him at home despite the frightening events of earlier in the week. Eventually he admitted that it's because he feels he is being stared at and laughed at when we go out together. He didn't actually say together but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that people notice ME (the foreign person) and then want to stare rudely, examine or interrogate my kids. It's a very difficult situation since I do stick out like a sore thumb. I have ways of dealing with it myself but it isn't the easiest thing when you are nine.

On the other hand, it could be nothing to do with the fact that we are different. Don't all boys (and maybe girls) go through a phase of cringing in embarrassment when seen out with their mothers?

For today I let him ride his bike about five meters behind and then sit on another bench on the other side of the fountain to eat his chocolate chip cookie. (we had gone to the mall to grab bagels for lunch). Since I was cross and hurt I didn't need to humiliate him by speaking loud English to him. I didn't talk to him at all. Yes, childish, I know.

This hatred of all things mum appears to be the source of most of his fowl moods lately. Since he is only nine I fear that things are going to get worse. much much worse.

Book suggestions welcome. I am going to start re-reading Steve Biddulph.


  1. You poor thing! I am sorry to hear that you are having these challenges.. I guess it's in my future too! Ahhhhh! I already get too much attention when I take L to the park, and he's just turned one!

    Hopefully it's just a phase! Noodle will probably end up being super protective and proud of you - it just takes time. Hard to work out who you are and how you fit into the community and the world at that age, when your friends are everything.

    Best wishes for easier times ahead!

  2. Yes, it's like that here. Noodle wasn't keen on the attention when he was a lovely little baby either. He's sensitive and shy so he has never gotten used to it.
    Little Guy loves it. Though he hates to be called cute, he prefers to be called COOL.

    Your little man is GORGEOUS, I'd be all over him at the park too :)

    thanks xxxx


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