Fabric Adventures: new fabric for boys and other stuff

Yesterday I found myself alone in the house. That's rare for a Saturday afternoon. I made the spontaneous decision to go to the fabric shop a little further afield. It was dead-quiet at the shop being near closing time. I had a slow and thorough look around but sadly I didn't find much that I liked.

I am really happy with this cute piece I found for boys. I like the bright and cheerful colors and the fact that none of the words have Japanese-English spelling.

I will have more pictures soon - the first little boy's bag is already half made.

 My weekend has been very productive. Mr. Mee a Bee was home which meant I could take it easy a bit. He did most of the cooking and all of the answering of Little Guy's 2.5 million questions.

AND the big thing he did, which is so great - he called our internet providers to complain about the speed of our connection. Even Mr. Mee a Bee was impressed by this excellent service. He called the helpline today at 11.30 am. They checked a few things out and called back to say that a tech guy would come over to take a look today between one and six. That guy arrived just a couple of hours later, made some adjustments to the cables outside and told us that should improve things considerably. There was no hard-sell to upgrade. In fact he didn't even think it would be necessary. Impressive for a SUNDAY don't you think?

I'm a very happy camper tonight flitting from website to website at the speed of light. Yaye!

(Also, last night, in desperation, I opened my hard drive and cleaned the fan. It was filthy and disgusting. I think even doing that made a difference to the speed of my pc).

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