Happy Monday - Good News from my Dentist

Today I had my regular Monday rendezvous with my dentist. Good news! I have finally been released from their vice-like grip. After seven appointments in eight weeks I was stunned and disbelieving when they told me it was finally over. Though, I was starting to think they would have to replace the new fillings just for something to do ... I narrowly avoided having to have a perfectly good wisdom tooth yanked. That would have been scary.

I'm a little bit sad it's over for two reasons. My new dentist is young and good-looking with lovely hands. Even when he's drilling out old fillings with no anesthetic I don't mind. Secondly,  the 7-11 convenience store near there sells Red Bull - my latest obsession and secret weapon to energy-filled days. The All Blacks drink it. I'm sure you heard the news of New Zealand's glorious victory in the Rugby World Cup!!!!!! Yaye!


  1. red bull and tequila over ice, will keep you sewing all night!

  2. Hahahaha, a good-looking dentist is so bittersweet, LOL!

  3. hahaha

    party all night hey Jo! get the DJ and some flashing lights too!

  4. The All Blacks do not drink Red Bull!

  5. That's saddening indeed. But look on the bright side: at least your teeth got a clean bill of health. And yes, getting your wisdom tooth yanked is indeed scary.


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