Mummy's Snack Shop - now hiring

It's field trip time. These things come around with refreshing regularity so I am starting to know what's expected. In particular I know that the boys will be allowed to take a bag of junk food.

At kindy the suggested budget is 300 yen, that is a LOT of junk and I have always had a really hard time sending along that much. At school the limit is 200 yen which still comes out to a lot of food but Noodle reckons he will be able to eat it all. It's all very disgusting and unhealthy stuff but it's not our normal food so it's OK I guess.

The good mums take their kids along to the shops so they can pick out their favourites. The lazy mums, like me, grab things at the supermarket that will do, and make their kids take them. Noodle was a little disappointed that he wasn't going to be choosing his own food from the real shops so I decided to make a shop at home: Mummy's Snack Shop. Little Guy and I had a lovely time pricing everything, making money, credit cards and name tags. Noodle was a cooperative customer and diligently made sure he did not overspend (I am not sure if we are really related, I do not have the thrifty gene)

Little Guy was the manager of course. I thought it was clever of him to explain how we would staff the shop. If I wanted to have a break then he would be on duty and vice versa. If we both needed a break we would put the closed sign up. He definitely has the entrepreneurial spirit.

his job title: manager


  1. looks like fun!
    it is different here, each kid takes a bag of sweeties (candies) and then they go round the class giving one candy to each kid, so they come back with a bag full of candy too. The hardest thing is trying to find a bag that has enough sweeties in it for everyone.

  2. I can't understand the whole snack thing for outings here... my kids always seemed to bring half their snacks home and when I ask them about it they say "but, we have to eat them straight after our bento so we are too full". I assumed they would be eating them at "snack time", not lunch time... silly me!

  3. Most adorable Manager ever!

    The first field trip my son ever went on I packed a snack of "nuts and bolts", cereal with nuts and berries in a reusable sac. They went nuts, and his daycare teacher made me go out (from work!) and buy some crap from the store. I was livid! Now my kid can choose his own but I'm still not a fan. He like nuts and bolts better too--- maybe I should see if I could import some prepackaged stuff?


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