Our Awesome Day in Our Awesome Town

A few weeks ago the kids both brought home leaflets about a kids' event at one of our city's parks. It looked like a lot of fun so I wrote it on the calendar. It mentioned Face Painting and Giant Bubble Blowing. There would be a big skipping rope, stilts and hopscotch. Egg and Spoon Races and a relay. All good old-fashioned fun.

The weather promised to be perfect so we packed a picnic and headed over on our bikes. What a great day! First of all it was organised and there were some staff / volunteers running it but really it was all very informal and relaxed.

It was FREE!

There were loads of kids from the local primary schools and from Little Guy's kindergarten. Mums and babies and a few dads.

Noodle, quickly abandoned his embarrassing mother and spent the entire day cutting up wood and hammering in nails. He did let me help a bit (once he had the lay of the land and realised there was nobody worth caring about that might stare at us). He's come home with a 'table' and a 'three-sided box'. Little Guy made a 'bird house' with the help of one our mum friends.

I'm sure this wouldn't happen in other countries. The tools, wood and nails were in plastic bins on these concrete steps where it was 'free for all'. Kids of any age could make whatever they wanted to. As long as they could find a saw or a hammer it was there for the taking. Nobody was telling them to be careful. By mid-afternoon there were nails everywhere and half-made projects littered all over the ground. And some very proud kids with some pretty amazing contraptions. I saw so much cooperation, sharing and group-planning. It was brilliant.

Initially Little Guy was reluctant to try anything. He hurried off to the corner to play on the jungle gym. As out-going as he is he needs time to get the lay of the land as well. Especially when there are a lot of other children around.

He had a short try of these learner's stilts (made from sawn-off bamboo) then spent the rest of the day safely ensconced in his brother's gang in the woodworking corner.

We shared our picnic lunch with some friends we bumped into and stayed the whole day. We only spent $4.00 on cold drinks on the way over. A perfect day!

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  1. That sounds perfect! I love woodworking, and so do my kids, so this would be right up our alley!


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