Rain cancels event! Sport's Day

Rain! I'm telling you I really feel we've had bad luck with the weather and natural forces this year. It's raining very heavily, blustery and chilly. Poor Little Guy's first-ever Sport's & Athletic's Day has had to be postponed. It will be held on Monday which means most of the family won't be able to go and watch.

I am gutted. I feel so sorry for all of the kids and their teachers who have been practicing for this for months. No joke. Back in June or July the kids were introduced to the para balloon. The para balloon is a huge parachute-like thing, round and brightly coloured. The kids hold the edges and perform tricks? I'm not sure how to describe it so take a look at this video someone thoughtfully uploaded to YouTube (not our kindy though it's similar I am sure). Little Guy has been practicing everyday. It's so full-on the kids wear knee-pads and afterwards they have to get changed since they're hot, sweaty and muddy. I've been having to wash his shorts every night and send an extra t shirt along each day.

In addition I had bought loads of yummy picnic food and was planning to make a day of it. Of course we'll still eat but it won't be the same.

AND Noodle's field trip got rained out. He came home saturated. Though he said he had a good time except he dropped his lunch on the ground ... He probably just needed an excuse to eat of all those snacks! And it's possible he doesn't like blanched spinach, hehehe, that's what I had put in for his 'greens'. I'm not entirely sure where Noodle went today but when I was passing the school this morning I saw all of the buses. Can you believe the whole school and even the school nurse went on the field trip? (according to Noodle, that's about nine hundred kids).

Fingers crossed for sun on Sunday so the ground dries out. Monday fine with a light cloud covering would be perfect - I don't want to get sun burnt.

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