Sport's Day Picnic

our lunch: rice ball onigiri, fried chicken kara-age, egg omelette tamago yaki and good old cheese & marmite sandwiches
Across the land at this time of year schools and kindergartens are having their annual Sports & Culture Day. Noodle's was today and we could not have asked for better weather: cloudy and cool with just enough sun peeking out at lunchtime and not a hint of rain. Mr. Mee a Bee made our lunch and it was yum! He's the bento king in our family but I do provide backup and support by ordering in the correct groceries, locating the cooler bag and matching the lids to tupperware containers in advance.

Noodle is in his 'costume' for the class dance. He told me not to video-tape it as it was stupid, dorky and lame. I thought it was quite fun but I can see why the kids didn't like it. The song was somewhat old-fashioned.

The whole school is divided into two houses, red or white. Noodle has just returned home with the disappointing news that his house came second. Still he had a fun day.

Little Guy will participate in his first ever Sports Day on the 15th of this month. He's super-excited.

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