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Some of you have noticed that I have a little link to Amazon Japan on my blog. Each time someone clicks the link and buys something I receive a small percentage of the sale. This month I was thrilled to be able to use these funds (plus a little from Mee a Bee) to send a set of books to a school in the tsunami disaster zone.

Go to Amazon Japan, shop in English = top right
I found this tiny link in the top right corner of the main Amazon page. I was able to use a translate tool to search until I found a school in need. All I needed to do was buy & pay for the books but instead of having them sent to my place I entered in the email address provided by the school. Amazon handled the delivery.

I sent a set of Elmer and The Dragon books (which are in print in Japanese). I hope they are well-loved. Noodle said this was a great choice as these books are funny. I thought so too.

Thanks for your help! Keep clicking the link or bookmark it so that instead of going straight to Amazon you first go through my blog.

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