The week in review and a peek inside my place

It's been another one of those weeks where I have had tons to talk about and even plenty of time but somehow my poor blog has been neglected. Sorry!

Mainly my computer is having issues. Caving under the strain. I've heard a lot of stories about people losing their hard-drives so I have started using McAfee online storage. I would be heart-broken if I lost all of my photos. Photos of my kids, especially Tyler, who was born in the digital camera era. We have very few actual photos of him. I also have millions of shots of my other babies - five years worth of Mee a Bee bags! It's fun to see how far I have come. To ooh and ahh over favourite long-gone fabrics.

Monday evening I took delivery of a new table. Our old one was dangerously like a see-saw threatening to topple over. I had repaired it twice but without the proper glue and tools the repairs did not last. Mr. Mee a Bee finally lost patience with it and sent me scuttling into Ikea for a new one. yaye! I chose the Bjursta round table in dark brown. Really it's quite dark for our place but I like it. It's also much bigger than it appears in the catalogue and even in-store. I couldn't afford the chairs as well so I thought we would make do with our old chairs. They look a bit ghastly and in fact are too low but we'll manage for a little while longer (with various ugly chair cushions!)

I held two Chatty Cafes this week which was a major impetus to getting the table as soon as possible. On Thursday we had Double Chocolate Muffins with whipped cream and Damson Plum Coulis (which I bought in New Zealand, get yours here, it's divine). On Friday, considering I had already had too much cake and sweet stuff, I made Sultana Scones and served them with Persimmon Cardamon jam. I also brought that back from New Zealand and it is absolutely delectable, check it out here, Gernot's Gold.

It's a lovely sunny warm day today. I have done about five loads of washing while the kids have been outside getting mud all over their clothes in the mud pie factory. You'd think they would have grown out of that phase, but no.

Since they were outside I was able to clean up the lounge a bit so you could have a peek into our Saturday morning home. One day it would be nice to have matching furniture or at least all the same colour wood!
If it's not displaying then click this link to go to Flickr. You can make it full screen here by pressing the arrow thing in the right hand bottom corner.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Looks goog Jac!

  2. Lovely lounge! Must get some pictures on our walls...

  3. thanks Dad, thank Diane.

    Diane, someone said to me the other day that Japanese people hardly ever put pictures on their walls and that is what made my house so lovely and non-Japanese. That's a plus for my cafe where I try to create a foreign atmosphere! But really I am a print-addict buying from Etsy! frames from Nitori generally.


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