What a star!

The past two weeks my Little Guy has been delightful almost 100% of the time. A few weeks ago things had started to get out of control (again) at dinner and bedtime. Little Guy is a mischievous wee man. But what he thinks is funny is often not appropriate.

I started re-reading a book by Nigel Latta. "Before your kids drive you crazy, read this". He makes a great suggestion for this age group, a sticker chart with a difference. I can tell you about it in an email if you like or check out the author here.

After a few weeks of this new reward system we have seen big improvements. Little Guy is still a talkative joker but the point of this is not to change his personality. He is allowed to have fun and be a five year old. We just wanted to eliminate some of the more annoying behavior. Bedtime especially is vastly improved. Our big gripe was that he kept coming out of his room to 'get something' or 'tell someone something'. It would go on for up to two hours sometimes. Each time he got out of bed his energy was restored and he never seemed to tire. Now the rule is that once we've said goodnight he must stay in his room (barring a real emergency). Trips to the toilet are allowed of course and drinks can be gotten from the bathroom.

Tonight I found a similar little chart that you can print for free (with a simple online registration form) from creative current - click on FREE PYOs. It's simpler than my black marker pen chart but way more attractive. I think we have graduated from the hour by hour/day by day reminder.

I chose the Rocket Star Chart.

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