Behind the scenes at Mee a Bee - gearing up!

I watched the movie about Facebook recently, The Social Network. I absolutely loved it. One idea really stuck with me - think, live, breath your business. That's how Mark Zuckerberg created his billion dollar company. In the movie Zuckerberg is portrayed as a socially inept computer nerd. Whether that's how he is in real life or not he has obviously had to make some sacrifices to get to where he is today. Think, live and breath Facebook.

I think my family can testify to the fact that I spend a large portion of the day and possibly the night thinking about Mee a Bee. Noodle can do a great imitation of me, in the raspy, parched voice of a person lost in the desert "M U S T sell M O R E bags".

So here I am today viewing this infographic about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. These are the biggest selling days of the year for retailers. The weekend immediately after Thanksgiving (Thur, 24th November) many in the US are on holiday so it's a great time to get stuck into the Christmas shopping list. Retailers respond by offering great deals to lure customers to their shops. People wake up at 4am to queue up outside their favourite department store. Does that sound like your cup of tea? or would you rather do all your shopping online? (say yes and head over to Mee a Bee!!).

So between now and the middle of December I will be promoting like crazy, living and breathing Mee a Bee  to make this a great sales quarter for my business. I really appreciate your support - tell your friends to 'like' me on Facebook!

Courtesy of: CreditDonkey

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