Christmas at my place: something to share

I can't celebrate an event like a birthday or Christmas without some kind of Lego set. This year I have bought a large castle set to share. Really Noodle is more interested in being outside, playing with his friends, trading cards. BUT with the right Lego set and a good mood (not guaranteed) he will spend an enjoyable afternoon with his brother building up a larger set.

I have decided it's time for Little Guy to expand his horizons away from policemen, firemen and other rescue workers. He's been talking about knights and ninjas lately so I settled on the whole castle and medieval theme. It's going to be fun for me since Noodle did pirates and vikings when he was younger. We haven't learned much about knights.

The Lego website has tons of downloads, movies and animation to support the Kingdom series. I will let Little Guy and Noodle take a look so they can get ideas for more fantastic scenarios with their set.

I think some costumes will be in order too! I am planning to alter some old pillow-cases with some fabric paint for the knights' tunic thing.They can wear their long thermal underwear from our ski trip as the tights. I will most likely let them make their own cardboard swords. They are boys after all! Masks can be downloaded from Lego.

I went along to the Lego outlet store last week (Click Brick) but was disappointed to find their prices were considerably higher than Amazon's (up to $50.00 more in some cases).  It wasn't a totally wasted trip though as I bumped into my friend and neighbour on the way over there and was able to persuade her to grab a coffee at Tully's before we returned home. Nice!

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  1. yes, some of the lego stuff is so expensive! If you need any inspiration I just threw one for Samuel in September!
    here is my pinterest board for more inspiration:


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