Foiled at Every Turn - don't ever compare yourself to other parents

Most parents are hit with cases of anxiety from time to time, right? I'm perhaps a bit more of a worry-wart than most ... Just when I thought I was doing so well I find myself filled with doubt over my parenting choices.

I was on Facebook (my first mistake) and noticed a post about gift ideas for a nine year old girl. Great, I thought. I know about ten year old boys. I'll chime in with my suggestions. Oh man. I think 23 out of 24 comments had suggested the iPod Touch.


First of all I don't know anything about the iPod touch. I've heard of iPad and I have an iPod shuffle but the iPod touch is new to me. I don't read the newspaper, I don't watch much TV and we do not ever get circulars in the mail. Things are happening in the world and I am clueless. Don't worry, I know about other stuff, just not this, I guess.

The iPod touch is $199.

Another wow.

One person in the above-mentioned post was buying one for her not-yet two year old.

I am flabbergasted.

Other people have already got them for their three, five and seven year old kids.
One each.
For each of their three kids.


We are in the wrong professions. There's no way we could afford that.

Hold up, even if we could, I just wouldn't.

Then doubt starts to creep in. Am I raising techno-deficient misfits?
If we ever relocated back to New Zealand would the kids and indeed me, be so behind the times we'd be ostracised?

Little Guy this morning
Don't kids play on skateboards, ride bikes or kick balls around in the garden anymore? Is watching a DVD or playing a CD considered quaint? Noodle spent the afternoon playing tag with his friends and swapping trading cards. This morning Little Guy and Mr. Mee a Bee cycled to the library. The only piece of machinery running was the washing machine and my sewing machine.

Whatever your views on iPod touch or iPhone or any of the other 'it' items for adults (and I guess kids) I think I am happy with my choices.

We might seem a little Amish but I'm sure that if you met my kids you'd love them. I really just have to cross my fingers that they turn out to be decent society-contributing citizens. Or Nobel Peace Prize winners.


  1. Nope you guys are not alone. We are the same way here. The things I look at for S are blocks, paints, paper... He loves his bike & can play with my yard stick & fabric for quite awhile. I know how you feel. I think you are a great mom! :)

  2. I totally agree! I did a search when I was trying to find something for my daughter and found the same kind of comments.... my daughter was given a "walkman" for her birthday and although it is a modern one compared to the ones in my day it is very basic, but she is over the moon.... we refuse to buy DS and I have no idea what most of the i-pads etc. are! Bikes, skateboards, drawing, cooking, reading... all better in my opinion.

  3. hey, you know I am in your gang with this. Ebi-kun does get on the mac sometimes - his latest thing is finding the lyrics to songs he likes on youtube so he can do karaoke!
    I think making educated choices for kids presents, toys that encourage imaginative play, exercises and things that will stretch their brains as it were is being a much more responsible parent, sticking the kids in front of some gadget or another is a parent cop-out.

  4. I refuse to buy my kids things like that. They have a small MP3 player for listening to music when they travel - otherwise they play with lego, draw and create things, scoot, skateboard and invent games. We are in NZ so there will be people like you when you move back.

  5. I think our house is the only one in the neighbourhood with no Play Station or Wii or iPads iPods or ianythingelse.


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