Funerals, Fun and Festivals

OK, so the three words in the title wouldn't necessarily be said together normally so let me explain. It really happened this week.

Last Saturday evening we were heading into the city to visit the kid's grandparents. The plan was to have dinner together then the kids were going to sleep over while I returned home. Their Dad was away on business but due back the next day and would pick them up. Unfortunately while en route we got some alarming news about a death in the family. Mr. Mee a Bee's poor uncle.

Funerals are very different from what I am used to. (Though I am very lucky not to have experienced very many in my life). The preparations are made quickly (often within a day) and there are several long ceremonies spanning a few days. We were in funeral-mode for about four days. It was very sad and very trying for the whole family.

One thing I have learned is that life goes on. Perhaps the long ceremony is therapeutic. By the end of it you're relieved it's over and ready to farewell the loved one. That's nice I think. (Thanks for your well-wishes. Neither I nor Mr. Mee a Bee was very close to Uncle but his death was shocking and unexpected so we appreciate your kind thoughts).

Back at work on Wednesday I launched the Mee a Bee winter contest. I wanted my customers to have some FUN so this is what I came up with:

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So far I have had a wonderful response to the contest and most people seem to be having FUN searching for our snowman's nose. I had some help with the graphics, I bought a little downloadable pack from the lovely Melanie at SweetStock then put together my banner with GIMP (software). Totally awesome!!

That brings us to Thursday, a national holiday for cultural pursuits and our annual Kindergarten Craft Fair. Only this year the craft element was removed and the name has changed to Kindergarten Festa! It was brilliant fun. We really enjoyed it after the sad events from earlier in the week. Noodle had a school commitment so couldn't come. That meant that Mr. Mee a Bee and Little Guy had to plow their way through all of the food that they'd pre-ordered. I was surprised they could walk by the end of it! 

わăȘげ game
Why wasn't I there helping with the consumption? I was on duty at one of the game stands. I was assigned to supervise the ring-toss game. I had to greet the kid (enthusiastically), take their ticket, give them three rope rings, tell them where to stand - on correct line according to their age, shout (again enthusiastically) as they tried to toss the rings onto the pegs, then give them the correct prize voucher. I was given a two page manual which I had to get Noodle to translate ... It was hugely fun and I was proud of myself for not frightening any little kids away! I had to be especially cheerful to prospective students - that wasn't a problem for me since I'm a natural salesperson.

So that brings us to the end of a very exhausting week. It's Saturday again. We have very few plans, thank goodness.

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  1. I'm sorry for you and your husband's loss. I know you'll see him again :)


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