How cool it is to be able to buy new fabric!

bears! don't you love it!!
Lately it's been feast or famine in the fabric department. I've been trawling the web and ferreting on every shelf in the material shop for wonderful fabrics. Finally tonight I have found a treasure trove of new prints!!

I'm delirious over a couple of them. I have this marvelous bear print coming through that I think might work as a lovely unisex design. The bears are so cute. And the blue might appeal to either or? We'll have to see how it looks in real life.

I did not get the frog fabric. It's too boyish for girls and too girly for boys, in my opinion. Plus the size of the print doesn't work on my small bags.

These new fabrics won't be available until next year but I promise to give you some sneak peeks. Check this out while you're here: casting call.


  1. You should get your boys to design some fabric for you and have it made on Spoonflower. It'd be awesome and unique!!

  2. What a great idea Jas!! Thanks Jen!


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